What Features To Expect From Vacuum Cleaners Under $200?

Résultat de recherche d'images pour "Vacuum Cleaners"Getting a vacuum cleaner under $200 is more than just smart. Why? Newer models have plenty of new features which can make cleaning simpler, quicker and better. However, not all of them come with the features in question, so we want to reveal a few of them.

The first and the feature that must be mentioned separately is HEPA system. It uses special and sophisticated technology to clean the sucked dust and the air in order to remove all particles which may cause allergies or other health issues. As such, this system is probably something you will want to get from a new vacuum cleaner.

What else do you need?

At http://homecleanexpert.com/best-vacuum-under-200/ we were able to find an interesting vacuum cleaner for less than $200. We noticed that one of the additional features you can get is permanent suction. In simple words, it allows you the same level of suction, regardless of the surface you are vacuuming. It is highly recommended!

Low weight is also something which is characteristic of these models. Most of them are between 7 and 12 pounds heavy, so you still get all you need, but your unit won’t weigh a lot, so moving and transporting it is possible.

Amazingly, some brands were able to implement advanced technology into these vacuum cleaners. One of them is ergonomic handle paired with the design which shares the same virtue. You can actually get a unit with the handle specially designed for people with arthritis. In other words, you won’t have to waste a huge amount of money on expensive models with this advantage.

All you have to remember is that vacuum cleaners under $200 are great units with plenty of features and additions you will find useful and practical.