Elements And Features A Website From 2017 Needs

Résultat de recherche d'images pour "web design"Web design Jakarta is constantly looking for a way to make websites better. With New Year, new possibilities became available and all of them are equally important. We will start with some simple additions that may look irrelevant, but they have a huge role in making a website better. If you know that 70% of internet users never visit the second page of search results and that 80% of visitors will visit a website just once, using any element that can keep the visitors is needed, especially in 2017.

Large font

Obviously, this is the simplest element to consider. It isn’t needed for people who wear glasses, it is mandatory so all visitors get a clear picture of all the web content and all the aspects. A carefully chosen font has a huge role and it is recommended that owners use vivid colors. They are considered as more attractive.

Simple navigation

Nobody wants to use a website where reaching some pages or using some features is very hard. Web design Jakarta always features simple navigation and the results are fantastic. By using this, all visitors will treat a website as more user-friendly, which is definitely something worth of your time. You may know that all major websites, such as Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and etc. are extremely easy to use.

Free sidebars

Sidebars are needed in order to attract the attention of your visitors and to display the most important content. Sadly, most owners fill them with ads and annoying pieces of irrelevant information. At the end, these sidebars look overcrowded and like they were designed in the 80s. The main thing to do is to provide sidebars that are displaying only the most important and the latest information. Leave only widgets in the sidebar that are actually needed and nothing more!