Considerations in manufacturing a facial epilator

Résultat de recherche d'images pour "facial epilator"In the manufacturing sector, any new product requires intensive research and a considerable time is required to be devoted to the development of the production process, the design, procurement strategy and the actual manufacturing process. In the case of facial epilators, the task of setting up a manufacturing unit was also as daunting but also had its own little peculiarities.


This can be understood from the fact that when the production of this product started, it was not a well established product. Its demand was uncertain since the Indian masses are neither early nor easy adopters when it comes to personal care products. So the manufacturers were faced with the usual risk of the non-acceptance of the product. Another challenge that they faced was with respect to the pricing. Since it was first in its league of personal care products, the manufacturers were not sure as to how much the broad masses of India would be ready to shell out for such a niche product.


One support however that these manufacturers had was in the form of the availability of certain other personal care products that used some similar raw material. Due to this reason, there was an established market for raw materials, suppliers were already ready to negotiate lower prices in return for higher volumes and logistics were already figured out. In addition, the design was to be based largely on the existing products and help could also be taken from our Western counterparts in this area, who had accepted the product long back. The last advantage in this sector was the existence of several umbrella brands that sold products of the same nature under whom the branding and marketing of these facial epilators could be clubbed. The manufacturing of facial epilators is thus a mixed bag, with its own challenges and opportunities, its return and uncertainties.